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Never having had a firm grasp on time, I fear I’ve lost all sense of it. I am living in a world of flowing colors and darting sounds and lazy, hazy eyes that blink, blink, blink at the technicolor computer screen to no avail. The studying must go on.

Two more tests, one choir concert, and one epic showdown where I force my advisor to bow to my will left until I am done with college. Probably forever. I’ll shan’t say never, but grad school is a very distant possibility. Nothing in my life requires grad school. I could see maybe doing smaller programs… you know what? No. It’s time to embrace that I am about to be done with school.

And by the gods, I am happy. (I’ve been feeling very Xena-esque recently, what with battling with my academic advisor.) I can finally stop studying and start learning again. I can be a student of life! I can read FOR FUN! Oh wonders of wonders, glories of glories, the future is sweet!

Just 36 hours of study time until then.

I don’t know what kind of addled posts will come spilling from me, but if this is any indication, you might want to check back in on Monday.

Or Fashion Friday: Xena Is My Life

I jest. Or do I?


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