I’m not even going to post this to Facebook or Twitter. Because it’s not really a post. My final script is due tomorrow. It’s the last thing of the semester, the year, my college career. As soon as I finish, I am 100% free. And I figure if there’s ever a time I can be excused from missing the occasional blog post, it’s when I’m finishing up a college degree. Because I am. But I will be back in my… Read more »

Dearest friends! I am dreadfully sorry to have disappeared on you. I’m in the midst of finishing my script and packing up my apartment all by my lonesome, ergo, the blog fell by the wayside. Never fret, dears, I shall return tomorrow with an actual post. And now, as is custom, so I know you’ll forgive me: Apology puppies. I WUV THEIR WITTLE PAWS! Sorry for all things, Kaitlin Related articles Hi, I Love You! Let Me Give You Free… Read more »

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was splendiferous. It’s gorgeous here, on the other side of the semester. I only have to read over my script and turn it in by Friday, and then I shall be completely done. I could not be more excited. It’s really nice to no longer be stressed and slightly murderous. Today I thought I’d share/ give an overview of one of my favorite makeup products; gel (cream) liner. They’re typically marketed as cream liners,… Read more »

I wasn’t jesting. Now, before you roll your eyes and click off the page, please note that this is serious. I’ve collected a lot of things that remind me of Xena, true, but they also happen to be extremely adorable and/or suitable for a freaking awesome warrior. I’m grouping these by category instead of my usual item list, because, well, I want to. 1) Amazing Bracelets Let’s face it. Xena knows how to rock the arm accessory. Here are some… Read more »

1. Re-read all the Lord of the Rings books 2. Read The Hunger Games 3. Sleep. Regularly. 4. Go to the movies. Regularly. 5. Work on my novel!!!!!!!! 6. Go to the gym. Regularly. 7. Practice the piano again 8. Learn the guitar 9. I vow to not eat fast food for a year. (Exclusions: road trips, where I will get the healthiest options and Sonic’s drinks.) 10. Rebuild my vocabulary 11. Find some lateral thinking workbooks 12. Find some analogy… Read more »

Studying away. In a little over 48 hours I plan on being completely and utterly free of all debts owed to the University of Texas. That won’t be entirely true, seeing as I still have to read some scripts and do another critique and fight to make sure everything goes according to plan so that I can graduate. But as far as tests and papers and group presentations and all-nighters and stress and pop quizzes and lectures and class and… Read more »

Never having had a firm grasp on time, I fear I’ve lost all sense of it. I am living in a world of flowing colors and darting sounds and lazy, hazy eyes that blink, blink, blink at the technicolor computer screen to no avail. The studying must go on. Two more tests, one choir concert, and one epic showdown where I force my advisor to bow to my will left until I am done with college. Probably forever. I’ll shan’t… Read more »