I don’t know about you guys, but I am a total night owl. Partially out of necessity since I’m trying to graduate college, and partially due to my nature. I’m pretty sure I stopped taking naps when I was like 6 months old. (Sorry, Mom. Love you.) So what good is makeup if it’s going on a puffy, tired face? I’ve concocted a list of products and tips that help me start my day and maybe put a little pep in my step. After my obligatory Diet Dr. Pepper, of course.

1) A refreshing face wash. Obviously everyone has different needs in a face wash. I’m a slave to my Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, but Neutrogena has their no-oil acne face wash in a new Pink Grapefruit scent that I love and think would be very invigorating.

PLUS, it's pink.

Clean and Clear also has an entire Morning Burst product line dedicated to a refreshing morning experience. I’m sure you know a nice, invigorating facial wash when you see (smell?) one.

2) A great eye cream. At the risk of once again appearing to be a brand lady of the night (whore), I am loving my Clinique All About Eyes.

It could also be because I'm a film major and the name reminds me of "All About Eve." Or the great moisturizing properties of the product. Eh, semantics.

I’ve also had great success with the Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream. It wins the award on refreshingness factor. And no, that is not a word, but it’s Monday, so you can all suck it. (Now I’m even talking with the crass language typical of a lady of the night. What has Clinique done to me?) I also really like the Aveeno Positively Ageless eye cream.

3) One of those magic de-puffer wands of joy. If you don’t know about Garnier’s Skin Renewal Anti-Puff Eye Roller, welcome to the new you. Not only does it feel cooling and refreshing when you roll it on, within minutes, your puffy eyes are magically less puffy. #Winning. They recently launched a new product that is basically the anti-puff eye roller with a bit of concealer. I haven’t tried it personally but I know several people who love it. I just have doubts that it would work for everyone’s skin tone since it just comes in the one “shade.” You’re supposed to layer it under your concealer/foundation, but I still have my doubts. Let me know if you try it! Clinique sells their version but at $26.00, that’s a little more than even this brand lady of the night can handle.

I love you, you little green stick of joy and de-puff.

4) A white/ pale eyeliner. For mornings when your eyes are looking particularly bloodshot and red-rimmed and when coffee and clear eyes aren’t cutting it, or if you want to pretend you’ve had enough sleep, pop a white or pale yellow eyeliner on your waterline. There’s MAC’s Eye Kohl in Fascinating, MUFE’s Aqua Eyes in White 14L, NYX’s Slim Pencil (Eye) in white, or even NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, if you’re dexterous. And for $1.00 you can try the e.l.f. Essentials Brightening Eye Liner which has mixed reviews on the site, but is only a dollar so it’s worth a shot!

Plus it comes with a sharpener in the lid. Did I mention it's a dollar?

5) A light, shimmery shadow. Putting a bright shadow on the inner corner of the eye is a great way to make your eyes look brighter and bigger and less “I hate Monday and I’ll kill you if you look at me.” Any subtly shimmery light shadow will do, and you should always match within two shades lighter than your skin tone for a natural, less noticeable effect. You can also use pure white, but clearly that makes more of a statement. Some personal favorites would be the lightest shade in this Maybelline Trio, Clinique’s Color Surge Eye Shadows Soft Shimmer in Champagne, Sugar Sugar, or Beige Shimmer. I also use “Virgin” in the Urban Decay Naked Palette, if anyone out there has that. I know some typical MAC favorites include Brule, Shroom, Rice Paper, and Crystal Avalanche.

Just begging to help you look more awake.

So there you have the tricks of the trade I know to help you look more awake than you really are. If only they could invent a beauty product that helps you look awake as you snooze in meetings or lecture.

Fake it ’til you Make it,

One thought on “Makeup Monday: Things to Help You Look More Alive on Monday Mornings

  1. Amber K.

    This reminds me, although I already use moisturizer(s), I should be looking into starting an eye firming treatment. I don’t need it yet, but isn’t that part of the point? I only occasionally use the Clinique roller ball thing that I got as a trial size during a promo — but my tired eyes don’t get puffy, they just get really sullen and dark circled.


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