Perhaps it’s because I’m graduating in 7 weeks and am thinking about entering my dreary future in corporate America, but I’ve found myself fixated on weird, quirky, and kind of ugly things recently.

Usually my fashion taste is a pretty fair reflection of my personality, which I like to describe as 1/3 Amazon, 1/3 Victorian, and 1/3 Xena: Warrior Princess. Most of the pieces I’ve been eying online this week are none of those things. In no particular order, here are the weird things I’m loving:

1) EVERYTHING at the Tatty Devine. My friend Clarisa has some excellent recommendations in her post on the boutique here.

Tatty Devine's Dino Necklace is literally my favorite thing ever.

2) This tank from NastyGal. I thrice love it because 1) it’s barely pink. 2) it speaks of my love of coffee 3) the font reminds me of Goosebumps and zombies and all those other things I love.



3) This rad sweater from Urban Outfitters. I can picture it over so many things in my closet. Excellent.


Please don't let the fuchsia bandeau bra distract you from the amazingness of this sweater.

4) This amazing trench from TopShop.

It's ugly and I love it. I want to do a makeup inspired by this coat.

5) The Modern Hybrid Sandals from UO.

Mostly I'm obsessed with these because they look like something Xena would wear. So I guess I'm still true to my tastes, in a sense...

6) These ridiculous shorts from Topshop.

These just seem so "1950s housewife in the heat of summer" to me. Picture them with a sleeveless chambray top. Hair tied up in a pink bandana and retro sunglasses complete my bygone era dream.

7) This minidress from Asos.

This is so loud it's deafening. And therefore quiet. I'm in love.

8) This puffball of a dress from TopShop.

I have no clue where I'd wear this, and that's why I like it.

9) This stunning little number from Asos.

This color will haunt my dreams. I am in deep, deep, deep lavender love.

10) This TopShop denim jacket.

Mostly I want this because I'm a Texan and I would wear this to the rodeo so fast I'd win the barrel race.

11) This stunning dress from TopShop that I’m pretty sure my mother would hate.

It's like when my inner 14 year old goth fights with my inner 25 year old sophisticate.

12) 3 words: Floral Oxford Shoes

Ohhhh, oh. I love you.

13) TopShop’s Floral Gypsy Dress

If you know me, then you know I have a thing for Native Americans and Gypsies. Ergo, this dress is my life now.

14) These darling earrings, which I know my dearest Marshy will LOVE.

SO CUTE!!! And, really, what's more summery than lemon(ade)?

15) This colour-block cardigan from TopShop.

This isn't really quirky to me, but I do think it wouldn't be welcome in a super conservative workplace. Which gives me a panic attack.

16) This “irregular” skirt from Asos.

Oh, I love this. It's such a beautiful, classic shape and such a weird pattern. Picture it with a bright green top. Love.

17) This dress from TopShop.

I love this dress because 1) The Paloma is one of my favorite drinks at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Austin and 2) Lightening bolt = Harry Potter. Duh.

18) These precious kicks.

These appeal to the third of me that is Victorian. I'm obsessed.

19) This “dress“/ tunic from TopShop.

Nothing and yet everything about this works.

20) This darling hat from Madewell.

It's the "Jag Hat;" inspired by vintage caps and Mick Jagger.

21) The prettiest TopShop blouse EVER.

Okay, this isn't ugly or quirky or strange. It's stunning. And I want it.

22) This skirt from Asos.

This girly little number is called the "Bow Hem Skirt" which I'd like to think is a play on words for "Bohême Skirt"

23) This springy TopShop jacket

I love it for its color. I hate it because it is totally 80s. Which makes me love it even more.

24) This Madewell Blazer

I might only want the "Silk Film School Blazer" because I'm in film school... but I think it's mostly because it's rad.

25) This TopShop… top. TopShop top. hahaha

This appeals to me because it's called the "Cobweb Top." And it would also be a lovely layering piece.

And that’s about a third of the kind of ugly kind of cute things I found this week that I fell for. I hope I’m not alone in loving weird things. I hope y’all have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!

Kreepy Kaitlin.

P.S. I’ve legitimately been nicknamed Kreepy Kaitlin before. My reputation precedes me.

One thought on “Fashion Friday: Fashion, Thy Name is Quirky

  1. Maquita

    That was so schizophrenic I don’t really know what to say besides;
    I really, Really, REALLY love those earrings and (duh) the dino necklace
    The fact that you love half of these things blows my mind, way unexpected, yet still wonderful
    I want to make you a lot of these things
    I had a serious issue yesterday with mascara and I need your help before I hurt myself.

    Love you!


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