I have been a terrible blogger recently. I know. But like I said, these last weeks of school are kind of murdering me. But hey, that’s unimportant, because THE ROYAL WEDDING! I thought it was absolutely stunning. And I really liked what the Bishop of London had to say about the whole affair. His sermon was lovely. The music was incredible! I’m a huge fan of John Rutter, and the music he wrote for the wedding was incredible. Luckily for us, we live… Read more »

These are some things I hear right now: Breaking glass. Slamming down bins in your wake, you are angry that your job is to clean up after us. No one appreciates you, custodian. I appreciate you. And I’d appreciate you not slamming down the trash bins. Tinny, grating laughter. You are too old to be a student, yet you are here. You work for the school. You laugh, akin to the hyena, at the videos on your laptop, which only you… Read more »

I’m sorry for the unannounced delay in this post! These next few weeks before graduation are going to be rough waters for me. I’ve pulled 3 all-nighters since Friday and I’ll probably have 2 more this week. One of them will be to watch the Royal Wedding, but that’s just a necessity of my life that I am not willing to give up for the ridiculous institution of sleep. So let’s jump into the idea and unfortunate reality of melting… Read more »

Building walls, building walls But you slither like vines Through the cracks and down the halls. The corridors of my heart And the crevices of my mind Your smile forces them apart. I tell myself to just say no But you’ve captured my heart And my worries don’t show. I forgot why I ever tried To stop you from breaking Into heart as my mind softly sighed.

Not really I don’t. I’m very chipper. But I did notice a lot of my favorite things around the interwebz this week just so happened to be blue. Ergo, let me share with you some favorites. 1) Layer Upon Layer Dress 2) Meeting Before Dark Lace Dress in Teal 3) Little Chief Honeybee Dress 4) Olive and Oak Strapless Sweetheart Dress 5) Royal Gardens Skirt 6) Every Little Thing She Does Polka Dot Dress 7) Poetry and Rose Dress 8 )… Read more »

If you’ve never tried writing a poem, you’re missing out. There are few things that can help me work through my emotions more thoroughly than a nice, indulgent poem. I will say, however, that you need to be inspired to write. I’m not talking about the green-fairy induced inspiration that bohemians used to chase down the Absinthe bottle. I mean that you have to have something heavy on your heart. It can be great sorrow, great joy, anger, envy, love, hate,… Read more »

Hey guys! I’m dreadfully sorry I’m not writing anything until basically 10:00. I can’t even explain the level of my business. If you’ve ever graduated college with any sort of degree that involves writing, you’ll understand. I have about 80 pages left to produce this month. So that’s exciting. And terrifying. And draining. And hopefully rewarding! …Right? Right? So I really have nothing to talk about. I’ll just ramble for a few paragraphs. I know, let’s maybe talk some business…. Read more »

Hello dear loves of my heart, I am completely braindead but seriously overjoyed, having turned in my last research paper EVER today. Therefore, I have no energy left for a “real” post as I am about to put on my stretchy pants and fall asleep. However, since it is National Poetry Month, I want to share my new favorite poem with you. In a recent concert, the UT Women’s Chorus performed Randall Thompson’s “The Place of the Blest,” a four-movement… Read more »

I do. It’s the truth. The brighter the better, I say! And while I’ve been stalking the the spring/summer collections for a while I only recently got around to buying/using the NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Bateau Ivre. It looks like this: And since I am loving these colors, this duo was the inspiration for this: Here’s a list of products/steps: Eyes: 1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance all over lid, browbone, and under eye 2. NARS Bateau Ivre, the lighter color,… Read more »

Happy Friday, y’all! The consensus around town is that this was one killer week and so I thought I’d offer up some of my favorite bright, happy fashion finds this week to brighten our moods and remind us that icy cocktails in the warm summer sun aren’t far away. 1) Chained Patent Wrap Watch 2) A Place in the Sun Sandals 3) From the Field Skirt 4) Here We Stand Pocket Dress in Coral 5) Lustrous Foliage Sandal in Bronze 6)… Read more »