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I’m sorry I disappeared last week. I didn’t mean to, honest. I tried to write a post every day, but I fell into the Spring Break time warp and before I could even check my computer most days, it was 11:45 p.m. and I was staring at a blank post, in a string cheese coma, watching The Cosby Show.

I will never disappear without warning again, I promise. Now let’s get into the good stuff. This post is going to be a list of products I’ve gotten within the last few months and my obsession with them. In no particular order:

1) Makeup Forever Microperfecting Primer in 0 Neutral. Ever since I’ve begun burning layers off my skin with acid (read here), I adore staring at my (slowly becoming) flawless skin and have revamped my search for the perfect makeup/ primer combo for my skin. This primer is a definite contender. It makes my skin feel like velvet. I’m kind of starting to feel like Narcissus if Narcissus’s curse was rubbing velvety primed skin.

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she lovely? Made from Aqua and Cyclopentasiloxane?

2) Bath and Bodyworks Travel-Sized Lotion in Twilight Woods, Dark Kiss, and Forever Sunshine. The store was having a 3 for $10.00 sale on travel size signature collection items and I took that as a sign that I desperately needed to try 3 new scents. No regrets here.

Twilight Woods is listed as having notes of “Juicy Berry, Soft Mimosa, Apricot Nectar, Warm Woods,” which literally means nothing to me. Berry I understand and apricot nectar is a lovely thing. But I haven’t the foggiest what a “soft mimosa” smells like, other than when you get a sugar rush from drinking champagne-spiked orange juice on a beach. And warm woods? What? I’m pretty sure it is physically impossible to capture the scent of warm woods. To me, this lotion smells like if vanilla and apricot berries had a baby that was a flower. On a beach.

Dark Kiss makes more sense, with B & BW describing it as “sensual incense, Mirabelle plum, and night musk.” I mostly smell a sweet fruity scent I suppose is plum, with a vanilla and that kind of sticky incense smell coming in on the base notes. I don’t know what “night musk” is, but I hope it’s still acceptable to wear during daytime. What if the lotion burned up in the sun like vampires? “You fool! You’re wearing Night Musk!”

Forever Sunshine supposedly has “golden apricot, pink peonies and a hint of praline” and while the first two are definitely accounted for, I don’t smell any hints of any kind of praline and wouldn’t know if I did, to be honest. That’s a dumb smell to put in a lotion anyway. I actually get more of a bright citrus on the base notes here. More of an orange or grapefruit than a lemon. Very beautifully mingles with the apricot and peony. There’s another smell in there that I seriously doubt is praline and might very well be some sort of vanilla because you can bet 100% of the time if there’s a drop of vanilla in a fragrance, I will love it. Just like I love all 3 of these lotions. Yum.

Maybe the unidentified almost-vanilla smell is "Warm Woods." It might as well be "Elvish Brow Sweat" because good luck proving it exists as a fragrance note.

3) The Urban Decay Naked Palette.

If you know me at all, you know I have fought tooth and nail for this palette and I finally got it a week or two ago. It is precious to me and Urban Decay is already sold out again, though on Friday they were in stock at Sephora and you can still find them on Sephora.com (as of press time). The Sephora worker told me that UD had decided to NOT make this palette part of its permanent line which is shocking. She was a surly little girl with awful eye makeup, though, so I’m not sure we can trust her. Has anyone else heard if this is true?

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Did I just Rickroll my Naked Palette?

4) Liplicious Berry Vanilla Lipgloss

This is just one of those things you buy because it makes you feel 12 again, when lip products were about glitter and taste. This is yummy in every sense of the word.

Liplicious says it all. It smells like a sugared berry custard. Or heaven, as it's commonly known.

5) Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Aglow.

You know my long-term love affair with Clinique, yes? (You do now.) Well, this newest shade of blush is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The website describes it as “A soft coppery nude with golden pearl” but I describe it as goddess blush. It is a stunning shade of a favorite product and just goes to show that I need to force myself to play with even the “boring” colors because they can surprise you on the skin.

Why, hello. I'm all aglow. Didn't you know? Rhyming is a no-go.

6) NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this product since I played with it on Monday. So when I hung out with my friend Trishuh and we found ourselves in Sephora, I snatched this baby up so fast I think I scared her. And dear God, you should see what it looks like with the Clinique Aglow blush. I might have to do a tutorial post for you/ swatch photos at least, just so you can see the amazing thing I’m talking about.

It looks so boring. I couldn't fathom why anyone would want it. And then I touched it and my skin glowed a golden hue that made me swoon. I am obsessed.

7) MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Wonder Woman.

I tried not to buy this, but I couldn’t let it go. It is stunning. I wore it on Friday when I went out with Trishuh and I’d like to think my lips mesmerized her.

Despite the ridiculously large applicator, it's like Christmas in a tube, complete with that famous MAC vanilla scent. I wore it layered over the MUFE Aqua Lip in Red and had myself a merry little red lip.

8 ) MAC Wonder Woman Lipstick in Marquise D’

Color me obsessed. The best swatch photos come from Leesha at Xsparkage. The lipstick looks much more nude and less peach on me, since I’m darker, but that’s what makes me love it. OBSESSED.

Please look at the XSparkage swatches. You will die with how pretty this lipstick really is, if you didn't already die from the cuteness of the packaging.

9/10) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencil in Morphine and Delinquent.

The pigmentation on these is insane. I can’t wait to play with these some more. Deciding on these two was almost impossible, but in the end I’m pleased as punch.

Temptalia probably has the best swatches on these puppies. Please look over there for the ridiculously beautiful pictures.

Here are just a few shades. The dark purple is Delinquent and the light is Morphine. Stunning.

ALSO, I found this picture online, and all I could think was: What a waste of product.

Seriously! Who needs an entire arm of swatches? Sheesh!

And that pretty much wipes me out for everything I’ll ever need ever. Until the summer collections start coming out, that is.

See y’all tomorrow!

Shimmeringly yours,

2 thoughts on “Makeup Monday: Semi-Recent Acquisitions and Subsequent Love Affairs

  1. Megan

    ALBATROSS IS SO AMAZING. I know you are going to love for years to come. It’s my go-to highlighter – face, eyes, anything. Love it.

    Also, I haven’t heard anything any UD removing the Naked Palette from its permanent line. It would be a ridiculously stupid move on their part, but companies have done dumber things. I’ll be interested to know if anyone else has more news. I have been waiting to grab the palette since it came out because…well… I’m still not totally convinced that I need it, but its going away D:


    1. kaitlinwehlmann

      I’m REALLY loving my Naked Palette. I’ve used it every day this week and haven’t repeated a look yet. I would be very upset if they did choose to discontinue it, because I feel like I would definitely repurchase it when I run out. :( I hate when products are discontinued. Booooo. And also, I am LOVING Albatross, just like you said I would. 😀 😀 😀 How did I live without it for so long??


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