Greetings from the student union. I am in the deep, fiery pits of the circle of hell that is the week before spring break. And I am dying. I had a test on Tuesday, have another one tomorrow, and can barely think straight. I’ve been so exhausted I’m sleeping through my alarm and that’s never good.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about me!

Spring Break is next week and I am so ready I can’t stand it. I’m just going to be hanging out at home, following my mom around like I always do. Hanging with Macbeth and Trishuh whoever else is home for the break. I’m so excited. I plan on doing a lot of sleeping, a lot of writing, and a lot of relaxing. The problem is, it’s only a week long and I need at least 3 to work through the pain of 16 years of schooling.

So this is my pathetic blog today. I’ll soften the blow with some spontaneous haikus about what I see around me in the Union.

Tiny Asian Boy
Your child-like frame frightens me
Seriously, so small.

Smiling at your phone
Taco Bell bag abandoned
Who you talking to?

Woah, you are older
You look like Dame Judi Dench.
Not because you’re old

Quizno’s killed the lights
Now I’m a little freaked out
Empty room of black

Homeless man walking
I like your UT hat, sir.
No, I don’t have change.

And that’s it for me! Must get back to studying.

Don’t hate me,

**EDIT** Here are some more that came to me:

Puffy-headed boy
Stop shaking your hand around
Your head is too big.

I hear you cackling.
Through the deep silence you screech.
And I hate your bangs.

2 thoughts on “From the Ashes of Midterms, I Will Rise

  1. Marquita

    I freaking love you. Your haiku made me giggle like hell, which was great, even as my tummy is stuffed beyond all reasonable limits with delicious Italian food.


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