Hey everyone!

I hope your weekend was marvelous. I have two midterms this week which means I spent most of my weekend crouched over my laptop, pretending to study.

In one of my recent trysts around the internet, I found mention of Mila Kunis’s Cosmo cover. And Oh. My. Goodness. She is a stunnah. It’s one of the most gorgeous makeups I’ve seen in a while.

So pretty!

It’s really an easy look, when you get down to it. It took me 2 minutes to recreate on one eye. Here are a couple of shots of my attempt:


Forgive my wayward brow hair...


Easier than it looks, my friends.


I clearly need to invest in a magnifying mirror... yeesh.

I was going to give you a quick run-down, but then I found this video by one of my favorite artists, and she does a spectacular job.

I will, however, list my products for you here, since I did mine slightly differently* than Nic.

Crease color:
The darker shade of this in Rose Wine mixed with this in Cinnamon Toast and a little Brazilian Bronze

Lid color:
Cinnamon toast, and the darker Rose Wine again, worked down from crease.

Highlight color:
The light pink in the Rose Wine duo mixed with this in daybreak. (*I also put only daybreak in the inner corner of my eye for a highlight.)

Clinique gel liner in true black.

Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in zero.

Maybelline One by One and The Falsies; Clinique Bottom Lash mascara.

And that’s it! Don’t let the fact that I used 3 different mascaras upset you; I am just a freak and I’ve been experimenting with layering. Mila is most likely wearing false lashes in the photo, so if you rock those on a daily basis, work it, girl.

Were I to finish the look, I’d wear my Clinique bronzer in Sunkissed and some sort of glossy peachy nude lipstick. At the risk of sounding like a brandwhore, I’d probably either use my Clinique Different Lipstick in Ginger Frost which has been, regrettably, discontinued, or the Butter Shine Lipstick in Adore U. I just grabbed a lot of Clinique products for this look.

It really is easy and stunning. Can’t go wrong there. I hope you’ll try it with your own supplies and do your own take on it!

Mila-ve You Long Time,


*Just a note: the shimmer caused everything to photograph a bit lighter than it looks in real life. It’s truer to color when I look in the mirror.

3 thoughts on “Makeup Monday: Mila Kunis on the Cover of Cosmo

  1. Marquita

    Hot stuff, great tutorial. The only issue is that, while the makeup is easy enough to do and looks fantastic, I am not a fun-sized, exquisite Ukrainian girl :(
    However, your eyes look like those of the exquisite Eastern Block lady, so I am inclined to believe I’ll get some attention if I execute this properly :)


    1. kaitlinwehlmann

      Well I’m not sure who the Eastern Block lady is, but thank you! The only person I know from the block is JLo. I think this would suit anyone, especially if said person knows how to flatteringly wing their eyeliner. :)


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