Happy Friday, y’all! The weekend is here!

Before we delve into Fashion Friday, I want to have a little chat with you. Yesterday’s post came late but was a whammy with zombie haiku and pictures of smiling puppies. Oh yes, my friends. ‘Tis true.

I’m going to dedicate a chunk of my weekend to pre-planning next week’s posts, so they will posted on time. I promise. Topics next week include Makeup Monday: My Favorite Products (Subject to change on a whim), a short story called “Polly Dolly” and what happens when I sit down to study.  So stick around and tell your friends. Please.

Let’s get to Fashion Friday! Yes, I did coin the term “Luxury Safari;” at least as far as clothing trends go. I’m using it to describe what is equal parts “safari,” “military surplus,” and “English tea.” The mixture really calls to me. All 25 pieces. Just a note, these items are in no particular order and there’s really no way of grouping them together other than by type of article or by color. So this list is just willy-nilly, as I like it. Ready for the adventure?

1) Zara’s Printed Tunic

This Printed Tunic appeals to all sides of me. It's cute and feminine while still being a pretty unique. Above all, it looks effing comfortable.

2) Modcloth’s Noon Train to Cairo Dress

This just looks effortless to me for summer. Through on some feather earrings and leather sandals and you have yourself a winning outfit.

3) Nasty Gal’s Cuffed Linen Shorts

I adore these shorts and the fact that they're not the typical military green. I hate how they've styled them in the picture, but am choosing to look beyond that saggy, baggy top. (the other pictures are worse.)

4) Ruche’s Sweet Athena Braided Top

This tank is the epitome of classy summer fashion to me. I adore it. Depending on how long it is, it might work with the shorts above. But I won't swear to it unless I saw them together.

5) Zara’s Snakeskin Wedge with Bow

Love love love looooooooooooove. Not only will these go with practically everything on my list, they're a comfortable way to add height. I also love the way the snakeskin brings it all back to the Safari theme. I can't express my extreme love.

6) Modcloth’s Frillitary Cardigan


I don't like to play favorites, but this might be it. I can't even handle it. With a crisp pair of khakis? Fuhgeddaboutit.

7) Zara’s Braided Blucher Shoes

These are a snakeskin-inspired menswear shoe that I absolutely adore. I would pair these babies with anything on this list.

8) Modcloth’s Safari So Good Dress

Perfection. Everything I'm trying to convey by saying "Luxury Safari." I hope it makes more sense now.

9) Ruche’s Don’t Let Me Down Belted Chambray Dress

Denim/chambray isn't quite what I had in mind for this trend, but this dress just somehow works. Plus it looks perfect for warm summer days.

10) Modcloth’s Off to Crete Top

I love that this is navy. If it were in the typical olive green or khaki I don't think I'd love it quite as much. The navy keeps it interesting.

11) Zara’s Suede Ankle Boot with Heel and Laces

Love more than life. Safari meets glamor. Love. Love. Love. Would make me feel like a lioness.

12) Ruche’s Adventurous Jane Belted Dress

Perfect cut, perfect color, perfect name. I adore this.

13) Modcloth’s Ahead of the Flock Dress

This is the most feminine and flowing piece that I would still consider on-trend. Mostly because it would be ROCKING with those suede lioness boots and a killer hat.

14) Zara’s Leopard Wedge

Arguably my favorite leopard shoe I've ever seen. Picture these with boyfriend jeans and a khaki tank. Stunning and summer cool. I'd wear that outfit to Chili's.

15) Modcloth’s We Can Dig It Dress

Besides being effortlessly chic and so on-trend I can barely stand it, my friend Marshy is going to love this because it will make her think of dinosaurs and paleontology.

16) Zara’s Flat Sole Lace Up Ankle Boot

You could *actually* wear these on a safari. I love them.

17) Nasty Gal’s Leopard Knit Cardi

Picture this belted over black jeans. Pair it with a messy side braid and it screams "Librarian on the outside, jungle cat on the inside."

18) Modcloth’s Driver’s Seat Shorts

These are so cute and functional. Obsessed.

19) Zara’s Two-Tone Riding Boots

If you live somewhere where it stays chilly/ pleasant through spring, I envy you because you could rock these riding boots. Fierce.

20) Modcloth’s Thyme Has Come Dress

I love anything that's a food pun. This looks so comfortable. I would never take it off.

21) Zara’s Leather Hat

What's any safari without a chic hat?

22) Ruche’s O Captain, My Captain Button Up Shirt

Think of this unbuttoned over a tan/khaki-based floral print tank. Beautiful, yes?

23) Zara’s Crossover Dress

Sexiest safari dress ever!

24) Modcloth’s Strapped for Panache Boot

I love that these hit every trend and yet are kind of ugly in a really cute way. Don't question me. Just go with it.

25) Zara’s Printed Tunic

Black leggings and boots of some kind would make this the slouchy, comfy and trendy outfit of my dreams.

And that’s it for me! I hope you enjoyed that surprisingly lengthy Fashion Friday! Y’all have a good weekend and I’ll see you back for Makeup Monday!

Lion-hearted girl,

4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Luxury Safari

  1. Marshy

    I <3 many things on this list (13? YES PLEASE), but you're quite right, number 15, the We Can Dig It, is wonderful. I love it. I refuse to refer to it as anything other than the I Love Dinosaurs dress. It's wonderful and simple and lovely and I want it. I would wear it with the "kind of ugly in a really cute way" Strapped for Panache boots and rock the hell out of it.


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