Hello world,

I’m sorry there’s been no substantial post today. I was planning on posting a short story I’ve been working on, but it’s not to the point I want it yet, and so I’m empty handed for today. Therefore I come bearing gifts.

While we were shopping in Oklahoma City, we went to our favorite little bookstore and stumbled across a book called Zombie Haiku. It’s a book of, you guessed it, haiku inspired by zombies. I almost bought it, but then I didn’t. (Good story.) It has inspired me. Therefore, I present to you my own zombie haiku:

The crack of thigh bone
While the blood still warmly flows
Is my own heaven

Brain is more yummy
Than when we used to eat steak
Cows live one more day

I like your corpse skin
I promise not to eat you
Unless I’m hungry

Annnnnd if zombie haiku aren’t your cuppa, here are some puppy pictures. The theme today is “smiling puppies”

Smiling (ish) and snoozing?? I LOVE THIS PUPPY! My friend Trisuh posted this on my wall and it's become my raison d'etre.

The only thing I like more than this puppy's smile is his mustache. I LOVE HIM.

This guy makes me chortle. And then I grow a little uneasy but that's just because he's wrapped up exactly like E.T. and I was terrified of that movie/ creature when I was little and the fear never entirely left me. Though I still loved the movie.



And that about does it for me and the pups. Hopefully you forgive this strange, awful post because you’re overwhelmed by THE PUPPIES!

Come back tomorrow for Fashion Friday!


5 thoughts on “More Apologies (With Bonus Puppies and Zombie Haiku)

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  2. Maquita

    “Cows live one more day” and the One Who Brings Chortles are my absolute favorite parts of the post. I commend you awesome <3


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