As some of you might know, since I’ve been talking about it for at least a week, this weekend I road tripped it all the way to Oklahoma City. I was accompanied by my lovely friend Fred. Our equally lovely friend, Macbeth, was supposed to also accompany us, but she regrettably had car trouble and couldn’t make the drive up to Austin. I was extremely saddened by the news, but mostly I was just thankful that her car didn’t break down on the way. So Fred and I went to bed on Thursday knowing we had to make Macbeth proud by having the best weekend ever.

We awoke Friday at 7:00 to the robust aroma wafting from my programmable coffee pot and telling me I was done sleeping. We rolled out of bed and I fell asleep in the shower while Fred stirred some berries in my yogurt for me. We gathered our stupid amount of luggage for the time we would be away from home and hit I35 N around 8:15. To get from Austin to Oklahoma city is the easiest task ever. You literally take I35 N for 6 hours. That’s it.

Fred and I spent the time talking, laughing, and singing along to the awesome playlist I had made (after we listened to the 12 songs on her iPod). There was no traffic and we made such good time that we stopped outside of Fort Worth to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel. It was delicious. Fun fact: there is a stupid number of Cracker Barrels on I35 between DFW and Oklahoma City. We decided to count them next time we drive up. It’s as if every little town gets a Cracker Barrel to show the world, “Hey, we’re a real town now. We have a Cracker Barrel.”

We made perfect time and rolled into Oklahoma after the easiest 6 hour drive of my life. It was perfect and we weren’t even tired. Borderline miraculous considering the lack of sleep we got the night before due to our infallible desire to talk. Izzygums came and met us (you’re so welcome for getting you out of class early) and we unloaded the car and hugged each other for approximately 20 minutes.

Then Izzy’s parents made it to town, so they stopped by and saw her apartment and went and checked into their hotel. Izzy was nervous about her opera so she hadn’t eaten all day, prompting a quick Sonic trip for snacks and a delicious Route 44 vanilla Diet Coke. I am going to resist the urge to go on a tangent about how I would sell my soul for that drink and for Sonic in general. We ate our snack at Izzy’s apartment and then began getting ready for the opera. Izzy put her hair in curlers, got her makeup kit together, etc. while I did my makeup and Fred’s because I love doing people’s makeup and my friends usually love me doing their makeup.

Izzy dropped us off at the performance hall and Fred and I took our seats and were treated to a night of wonder. The show was a double bill, with Pagliacci opening the evening, followed by Izzy’s opera, Gianni Schicci. She played the role of Lauretta and was astounding, as she always is. I’m like a proud mother when I talk about her and her talent. If you have any kind of opera knowledge, you’d probably recognize Izzy’s aria, “O Mio Babbino Caro” (here’s a video on YouTube). The great part is that I’ve only ever heard it performed super dramatically (like in that video) but Gianni Schicci is actually a slapstick comedy. Who knew? Izzy was hilarious and she was so funny she caused the audience to laugh and clap in the middle of her aria. Both casts were absolutely stunning and Fred and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.

After the opera, Izzy’s parents took us out to Cheesecake Factory which was delicious, as usual. We had a great time catching up with her wonderful family and congratulating Izzy on another stellar performance. I feel like I live my long forgotten stage dreams through her sometimes. I don’t think she minds. We got back home a bit after midnight, and poor Fred who was recovering from a sinus infection passed out pretty much immediately. That left Izzy and I to have a long talk about best frans, boy frans, and bad friends.

Saturday morning we slept until a glorious 10:30 and then met Izzy’s parents for coffee at a cute little coffeehouse called The Red Cup. Her parents left to head back to Houston and that left us girls with a day wide open for shenanigans. We ate lunch at a delicious sub shop and then hit the mall. We had a great time shopping. We stopped by the MAC counter and I FINALLY, FINALLY, PRAISE THE LORD, HALLELUJAH got the Marquise D’ lipstick complete with the beautiful and fun Wonder Woman packaging.

It's literally my most prized possession. I'd catch a grenade for ya!

Fred found a beautiful dress at Francesca’s Boutique and Izzy scored some great finds at New York & Co. It was literally one of the best days of shopping and camaraderie I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot. We all kept exclaiming “What a perfect day!” It was probably very annoying to passersby. We stopped at Brahm’s on the way home and got delicious ice cream treats. If you’ve never had Brahm’s you are missing out on some of the most delicious ice cream in the world.

At Izzy’s apartment we began the long process of getting gussied up. Fred took over hair straightening and I did Izzy’s makeup in a really fun, shimmery bronze and brown look that I will use on myself soon. We grabbed Izzy’s friend and the four of us went to chili’s and had delicious margaritas (except for Fred who was craving a Long Island Iced Tea) and yummy salads and, of course, chips and salsa. Then we went back to the school and watched the second cast perform Gianni Schicci. Izzy had to be “on call” in case something happened, but of course nothing did and we were able to enjoy the show a second time, with a new cast. Delightful!

Back at Izzy’s apartment we put on our stretchy pants and talked and giggled and settled down and fell asleep after one of the most glorious and perfect weekends I’ve had in a very long time. I was crushed to leave on Sunday, but that might be because we had to leave at 7:45 in the morning because Izzy sings in church and had to be there. We said our sad goodbyes and Fred and I set off for 6 hours of I35 S.

Thankfully the drive wasn’t bad because I was a little grumpy having to leave my best fran back in Oklahoma. Fred and I talked a lot and had a good time. It’s a testament to our friendship that we don’t get sick of each other on 6 hour car rides.

I know I keep saying it, but it bears repeating; this was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. I ate so much delicious food I might not eat again for a week and I talked and giggled so much I lost my voice. Perfection.

Surrey with the fringe on top,
— Kaitlin

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  1. Maquita

    It’s true, girl, Cracker Barrels and Dairy Queens… they really are how we establish township in Texas, aren’t they?
    I’m so glad you all had a marvelous time and everything was just wonderful, AND you got your super incredible lipstick! I really do hope your delicious dinner at Chili’s doesn’t inspire me to start drinking early though… they make THE BEST bargain margaritas. I LOVE THEM.


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