Thank God it’s Thursday. Not only because that means it’s Trejo Tursday but also because I don’t have Friday classes, so Thursday is my Friday. 3 classes to go until freedom. That doesn’t sound so bad, in the scheme of life. But oh, ohhhhhhh. My life is a shambles. Not only am I living in a cloud of heady, hazy allergies that make me seem just the teensiest bit permastoned (adj. “The physical and mental state sometimes aquired by someone… Read more »

I think it’s cute when children sing. It’s cuter when they can stay on pitch, but I don’t have high expectations. After all, they’re children. Some people are blessed with amazing talent that manifests pre-puberty. I acknowledge that and respect that. What I don’t understand is the parents of these talented children. Kids don’t understand that they’d be giving up a “normal” childhood were they to pursue a career. Perhaps I’m biased because my parents never let me enter the… Read more »

Sniff. I think I’m dying. More accurately, I think I am being murdered. By pollen. I have such a strange, heady feeling; much akin to what I think it would feel like to drink that fizzy pop in the original Willy Wonka and rise up into the ceiling. You know, when Charlie and Grandpa Joe almost get sucked into the big fan and they figure out you have to burp to come back to the ground. You know? I feel… Read more »

Hello, Everyone. I know it happened last week which is a year in internet time, but I keep seeing lovely makeup memorials for Elizabeth Taylor popping up in my subscription box on Youtube. I think Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most beautiful women ever to have lived. Beyond that, she was a lovely, intelligent woman, and had a realistic sense of self. Meaning she lived glamorously but was well aware of her faults and able to make jokes about… Read more »

That was sort of a Hairspray reference, but mostly I’m talking about my favorite spring and summer accessory: a great bag. Here are a few of the ones I’m loving. 1) The Braid-Accented Tote 2) Dmitry Large Textured Faux Leather Shoulder Bag 3) Dooney and Bourke Quilted Spicy Classic Satchel 4) Nine West’s Black Magic Bow Satchel 5) Classic Solid Satchel I guess that we can conclude that I’m digging warm, citrusy colors for my wardrobe and that I perhaps need a satchel… Read more »

Over the last few days I have witnessed several things that have gone straight to the core of my heart. Some of the things were joyful such as the way today’s choir rehearsal went, or the guy I heard telling his friend the story of the prodigal son in Wendy’s. Some things, however, have been shameful and downright painful to witness. I overhear stupid things on campus every day, but I feel like the things I’ve heard in recent weeks… Read more »

**Sorry for the sporadic posting schedule! WordPress was broken last night, and this was the first I could get to the computer today. We should be back on track now.** Perhaps it’s the repetitive Glee theme, or perhaps it’s my tendency to obsess over things for a period of time before moving on and obsessing over something new (I suspect I inherited this from my mother), but I have found myself listening to two songs on extreme, day-long repeat. The… Read more »

Hello, world! I’m sorry I disappeared last week. I didn’t mean to, honest. I tried to write a post every day, but I fell into the Spring Break time warp and before I could even check my computer most days, it was 11:45 p.m. and I was staring at a blank post, in a string cheese coma, watching The Cosby Show. I will never disappear without warning again, I promise. Now let’s get into the good stuff. This post is… Read more »

I’ve been shopping in the Galleria all day, as might be evident since I’m writing this post at 9:00. You’d think I’d grow weary of shopping and feeding my inner consumerist pig, but nope. Spending a day shopping only  deepened my desire for some items. Therefore I present to you the first edition (of what I’m sure will be many) Lust List. 1) MAC Viva Glam Lipstick V 2) Illamasqua Toxic Nature Lipstick in Atomic and Flare. 3) NARS Highlighting… Read more »

In light of what has happened today in Japan, I feel Fashion Friday is inappropriate. I’ll probably post what I’m working on on Tuesday, but that is pure frivolous, insignificant minutiae. I’m glued to CNN as this horrific event unfolds and my heart is breaking for these people and this country. I can’t imagine the terror and fear  in the hearts of the Japanese people and for those with loved ones in Japan, but my heart and my prayers go out… Read more »