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I hope your weekend was fabulous. My trip to Oklahoma was absolutely perfect. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. I got to see my two best frans in the entire world and see a myriad of opera performances. More on that tomorrow. Today, let’s talk skin care. Good skin is the base for good makeup and though there are some amazing foundations out there, there is no replacement for beautiful skin.

I am admittedly not the best in taking care of my skin. Mostly because for years I was product ADD. I would try something for two weeks, and when I didn’t see immediate miracles, I would try something else. I’ve also had a lot of different skin concerns pop up randomly due to underlying health issues. I’ve had to deal with acne, redness, dark circles, and watching my skin go from combination dry to combination oily as I rounded the corner of adulthood.

As I’ve gotten my health straightened out, however, my skin has started behaving quite well and therefore I’ve been able to find and stick to my favorite products. These are the products I use:

1) The Clinique 3 Step System. While I’m sure it won’t work for everyone, they have developed the system into 4 different formulas for all skin types from very dry to very oily. What I love the most about Clinique is that they test their products over and over and are pretty much as hypoallergenic as they come. After a recent bout with a Too Faced foundation routine that had me breaking out worse every day, I switched back to a Clinique foundation and my skin almost instantly cleared back up. Being hypoallergenic, they have no fragrances or dyes and leave my skin feeling divine. I’m a huge fan. I recently bought this kit:


3-Step Kit

and I am loving the travel bag it came in. All of my skin care products fit right in the case and the clear plastic protects from spills and allows you to easily grab what you’re looking for.

2) The All About Eyes eye cream is rocking my world. It soothes overnight and refreshes in the morning. The formula sinks right into the skin and does nothing to disturb my makeup like other eye creams I’ve tried. Not to mention the tiniest dab will cover your eye and so the little jar will last you forever.


Youth in a jar.

3) When I do break out, the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is my best friend. It literally zaps breakouts overnight. I’m a fan of Badescu’s other acne products as well, but this one is the pièce de résistance. You dab on the pink sediment before bed and when you wake up, you can see significant improvement. It’s magical.


Magic Pimple Potion.

4) For the occasional treatment, I’ve been using the Glyco-Lac/ 60 Level 2 Gel Peel and holy improved skin, Batman, I am obsessed with it. I’ve used it four times now, about every 2 weeks, and the improvement has been remarkable. Because of my old acne I had really bad ice pick scarring that made completely self-conscious and annoyed with my skin. Since my skin has finally cleared up (except for the stupid reaction to the Too Faced foundation. Rude.), I’ve been looking at chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments and wincing at the prices it was going to take me to get the skin of my dreams. Then I stumbled upon this little guy and my life changed.

The product comes in 3 levels, and I bought level 2 because my scars were very deep. The first couple of times I applied it, it burned like a mother trucker, but last time I used it I could barely feel it, even though I left it on longer than last time (as the directions suggest). After only 4 uses, my scars have shown more than 50% improvement. Another amazing thing is that my skin is a little red for a few hours after I use the gel, but goes back to normal within about 5 hours after use. Everyone’s skin will be different, but I barely peel at all. I don’t understand how a product can work like this without having the redness and peeling associated with a traditional chemical peel, but I am freaking ecstatic.

The 30 mL bottle is only $18.95 on Amazon. When I compare that to what I would have spent at the dermatologist on chemical peels and microdermabrasion, I am floored. I saved thousands and thousands of dollars.

If you have any scarring, I would recommend this 100%, though not necessarily in the strength I got. You know your skin best; do your research. I can’t vouch for the other claims the product makes such as wrinkle reduction, helping pigmentation, etc., but I can say that it helps my scars, my skin feels softer, and I experience little to no redness and peeling afterward. That’s an A+ in my book!


Unassuming little miracle. I love you, I love you, I love you.

And those are the things that are literally rocking my face right now. It’s a relief to know I’ve finally found what works for me. I know everyone’s different and some of you are lucky enough to not react to some of the great drugstore products that are out there. And some more of you are lucky enough to never have to worry about your skin because it’s naturally perfect. And to those people: I don’t want to read any gloating in the comments.

What do you swear by?

Facing off,





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