I love floral prints. I especially love them since they are always in style, every spring and summer, no matter what. I’d like to present some of my favorites.

1) Love’s Sanctuary Navy Belted Floral Dress

I adore these colors. This looks like the perfect dress to sip lemonade in.

2) The Floral Palette

LOVE. It's a little table-clothy, but I think the cut makes it work. And the dark background.

3) Misty Watercolors Memory Floral Dress

I ADORE this pattern. Those bright oranges-- to die for.

4) Journey into the Past Dress

You had me at "Journey to the Past." This would be darling with silver gladiators.

5) Hush Hush Little Floral Top

The name made me giggle, but the garment made me swoon. LOVE.

6) Everyday Celebration Dress

Perfect springtime wedding dress, anyone??

7) The Ashta Dress which is $7 cheaper on Ruche.

This dress just reminds me of my childhood. I want to swish around and wear jellies and draw in sidewalk chalk.

8) Loving You Floral Ruffle Dress

I adore this dress. The pattern is stunning! I have a similar dress from Anthropologie but I'm kicking myself since this is cuter and waaaaay cheaper. Dangit.

9) Lakefront Property Dress

This teal color rocks my world.

10) Women’s V-Neck Cardigan

Being a writer, I believe I was born with a penchant for things like cardigans and the smell of pipe tobacco. This cardigan I love most of all.

11) Flower Delivery Dress

I adore the neckline on this. Love, love, love!

12) Marina del Rey Aqua Teal Top

I'm not sure I want anything on the list more than this. The color! The pattern! The cut! The shoulder embellishment!

How bout some floral accessories??

1) Falling Freely Flower Earrings

LOVE!! And for $10.00 you can barely beat them!

2) Open-Toe Embellished Ballet Flats

I'm not sure why I haven't been buying shoes recently, but I might start again with these babies.

3) Vintage Lucille Teardrop Indie Earrings

I need to find a better word than "adore" because that is all I've said this entire post. I X these!

4) Sunset Petals Indie Necklace

Something about the stones they used is captivating to me. I could stare into those petals forever.

5) Floral-Print Jersey Scarf

Jersey is the perfect fabric for a spring-time scarf. Dress up a plain black tee anyday. Add some pink lipstick and long lashes and you're ready to spend some time in the sun!

6) Charms of the Garden Necklace

This is so sweet. I love these charms.

7) Forever Faithful Flower Bracelet

I think gold/silver combos can sometimes be tacky, but I love the way these are paired.

And since I’m off to Oklahoma, nothing more to say! Y’all have a great weekend!

Petal-ing on,


One thought on “Fashion Friday: Fashion Flowers

  1. Maquita

    You know me, and you got my grad photos, so you know that while I can be coaxed to wear florals, it’s not too regular an occurrence. However, I am smitten with much of this list!
    The Floral Palette pattern is a touch table-clothy, I agree, but I also concur that the cut makes it work. It’s just darling, and it’s too big a pattern to be called “retro” because of the cut, and I like that.
    Misty Watercolors has a gorgeous pattern, I could not possibly like those flowers more. I’d like to see it in an arm-bearing cut, though, just because I’m not a big patterns-on-my-arms girl
    The Journey into the Past Dress? SIGN. ME. UP. I want that dress like a rich kid wants their trust fund, I am so totally maddened by this dress.
    The Hush Hush top is super cute, and I would be wearing it all Spring with skinny jeans and high boots, were I not here, in sorrow. Snow is mean, sleet is evil.
    Everyday Celebrations SCREAMS wear me to a wedding!! It’s lovely, and would look just darling at any outdoor daytime event with flats, and chic and lively at night with heels.
    At first, I didn’t get the Ashta, because it looks like so many dresses, then I read your commentary and it all made sense, because I would only ever pair jellies with this frock :)
    Oh my, but the Lakefront Property dress!! If the Journey into the Past has one contender, it’s this one. I’d push a debutante for that dress.
    You rock your cardigans, girl, don’t let anyone stop you!
    I might have a closet full of jersey scarves come Spring/Summer
    Can I have the Charms of the Garden necklace, please? If I have to fight someone, I will.

    Loved this installment. Can’t wait ’til next week!


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