I haven’t been following Fashion Week too closely, so I thought I’d just post some of my favorite looks from my favorite designers and any stand-outs I’ve come across. I have no credentials, I’m in no way “in” the world of fashion (and, quite frankly, never wish to be) and my comments are simply my opinion. Take everything with a grain of salt. I just like pretty clothes.

To save time and space, this post is going to be a picture stream and all my comments will be in the captions. Collections are in alphabetical order by designer. Shall we hop to it?

Alexandre Herchchovitch. I LOVE this outfit. I would totally rock it at the office.

Alexandre Herchcovitch. Loving this neon.

Alexandre Herchcovitch. I love this! Lace and leather. Perfection.

Anna Sui. Schoolgirl meets Victorian Eskimo? I love it and I'm not sure why.

Anna Sui. I adore this look. So mod with an embellished twist.

Anna Sui. I love this more than anything ever. (That's a lie.) But this brocade-esque delight captivates me.

Anna Sui. This styling is perfect! Down to the magenta suede loafers.

Anna Sui. If you know me, you'll know that I love anything that reminds me of Native Americans and this dress does it for me. Plus that blue? To die for.

Anna Sui. *Scream of joy* You know I love grays and Victorian detailing. The detail on the cuff is what makes me love this dress. And those white lace tights are beautiful! This Anna Sui collection is totally rocking my world.

Anna Sui. Before this collection I would've scoffed if someone suggested combining 60s mod with Victorian elements. But this (almost bridal) dress is so much of both that I am in love.

Anna Sui. Fashion week had me giddy because along with Victorian and Native American things, I adore ANYTHING that looks like it's wardrobe from Dr. Zhivago.

Anna Sui. I adore every item in this look. It all goes together so effortlessly and is luxe.

Betsey Johnson. This is one of the best things ever. Tim Burton needs to pair up with Betsey for some costume design, methinks. This is delightfully Burtonian and I want.

Betsey Johnson. I love anything with lightening bolts because it makes me think of Harry Potter. Also I love this fun swishy skirt. You can always count on Betsey for full, fabulous skirts and dresses.

Calvin Klein. At first I hated this. Then I looked closer and pictured it on a woman and not a stick and I think it would actually be a stunning, sexy mini dress on someone like Liv Tyler Catherine Zeta Jones.

Carolina Herrera. I adore this coat. I'm a sucker for velvet details.

Carolina Herrera. So beautiful! I think any woman would look stunning and classy in this. Well, if they're the type of woman who is confident enough to wear it, that is.

Carolina Herrera. I LOVE this pattern so much. It's exactly like they printed up silky copies of the Northern Lights. Such a nice silhouette as well. I'm really in love with how it drapes.

Carolina Herrera. This is a stunning gown, even if it is a bit too tight on the model's hips. Which makes me never want to eat again...

Carolina Herrera. AH!!!! The instant I saw this fabric I hoped for a full length gown, and she did not disappoint! If I was rich as all get out and also if men were attracted to me, I would so use this dress as my bridesmaid's dress. So beautiful! I don't think any of them would complain!

Carolina Herrera. I have a penchant for gowns and this one is just lovely.

Carolina Herrera. Oh, oh how I love this! Just beautiful.

Carolina Herrera. Someone needs to wear this to the Academy Awards. It's a stunnah!

Chris Benz. It's a little rock and roll, a little bit Victorian, and a touch homeless. I love it.

Chris Benz. So classy! I would wear this to a high society tea.

Chris Benz. AH! I ADORE THIS!! I would wear this every day to the office. Well, until I got fired for wearing the same dress.

Christian Cota. I love this entire look! Beautiful mix of masculine and feminine. The rest of the collection is not really my taste, but I adore this.

Derek Lam. I hated most of this collection, but this dress is stunning. Even though the model is so weak with anorexia she seemingly can't move her arms and they flail behind her in the wind like pine needles trapped beneath the windshield wiper. Also she's making a duck face. Who hired her?

Donna Karan. This is so beautiful! It makes me think of old Hollywood and you already know my love affair with gray.

Donna Karan. This dress is beautiful and strange. I also loved the bright pink lips all the models had.

Donna Karan. If I was a designer I would name all of my designs. And this one would be called "Lady of the Lake." It's gorgeous and shimmery and makes me think of mermaids and deep ocean mysteries. Lovely.

Donna Karan. This is so ethereal and exquisite that I had to post it even though I'm not so fond of such sheer garments.

Douglas Hannant. Finally, an interesting runway! And I love how all the models had chic black hair. Beautiful.

Douglas Hannant. I think this would be a great Oscars dress too. And this model looks freakishly like my Aunt. Except my aunt has blonde hair, never wears that much makeup, and is 5'0" on a good day.

Douglas Hannant. This is pulchritudinous, my word of the day. Look it up. Learn something.

Douglas Hannat. It's a nice gown, but mostly I just adore this because she's wearing a headdress and I wish I could wear headdresses.

Douglas Hannant. It's like little triangle butterflies are flocking all around her. Marvelous.

Elie Tahari. I love this because I love anything that billows out behind you when you walk.

Elie Tahari. This is maybe a little too much billow, however. It looks like a ghost is strangling her. Awesome.

Elie Tahari. I love the lines of this suit and am blown away by that belt over the suit jacket. Prepare for me to rock that look once I start working. Obsessed.

Elie Tahari. Oh, oh! It's like everything I love! A velvet cardigan and a belt! Squee!

Frank Tell. This is one of the most stunning looks I saw this week. Also it reminds me of a high-fashion version of something a Northern Amazon would wear in Xena. Which makes me love it 9000000 times more.

Northern Amazons from Xena. See?

Frank Tell. Amazon? Check. Black? Check. Billow? Check.

Isaac Mizrahi. I HATED the concept behind this show. Hated Hated HATED. So much loathing! First of all, before the dresses, a male model would walk down the runway with a corresponding cake made by the people from Cake Boss. I love cake and fashion, but I hate that show. I also hate how every model had that stupid black pom pom atop their head. And lastly, the models walked dogs down the runway. Some of the dogs were dyed bright colors to match the dresses. I don't understand any of the ugly gimmicks. That being said, I adore this dress and wish I could own it. I would wear it while I scribbled at my desk in my goal of emulating Emily Dickinson.

Isaac Mizrahi. This dress is beautiful. Hate the pom pom.

Isaac Mizrahi. This is adorable! Girls with homecoming dances everywhere are drooling. This would make a sweet bridesmaid's dress, no?

Isaac Mizrahi. I love the sass of this little number. I want an Olsen to wear it or a Kardashian to fill it out. It's gorgeous, despite the pointless pom pom. Poor purple poodle. (Alliteration!)

Isaac Mizrahi. This dress is beautiful and fun. Love it.

Isaac Mizrahi. Gorgeous! I can almost excuse the pom head.

Jeremy Scott. I wasn't fond of this collection, but this reminded me of Harry Potter so it gets honorable mention. The makeup and hair for this show were really fun, however.

L.A.M.B. I loved this collection, but this dress stole the show for me. It's beautiful and very feminine and flattering.

Libertine. I love the stamped fabric in this collection and think this dress is classic with a punk twist.

Libertine. I am in like with that coat. I love this look.

Libertine. Adorable! So girly and fun.

Libertine. I love the way the pieces were paired in this show! Gorgeous.

Louis Vuitton. I wasn't super impressed with this collection from LV, but this dress is flapper fun and I love the peek-a-boo colored fringe.

Louis Vuitton. This was the other stand out piece in the collection for me, even though jumpsuits really make me cringe.

Marchesa. Other-worldly. Simply divine.

Marchesa. Reminds me of old-world Spain and in the best way possible. I am obsessed

Marchesa. It was hard to even pick my favorites from this collection. In other news, I read an article about how the models were under hot lights and on 6 inch (non-platformed) heels and how they all started to shake and feel faint and almost pass out and die. I'm going to take the high road and not mention it probably was because they hadn't eaten all day, either. Oops.

Marchesa. Can Helen Mirren wear this to the Oscars? Oooh, or Nicole Kidman? Who else would rock this? I am deeply, irrevocably in love with this dress. It needs to be worn and seen!

Marchesa. I would wear this to the Oscars. Or my wedding. And I typically don't like such a ball-gown skirt. This is so fairy tale with a bit of a melancholy element that I can't quite put my finger on.

Marchesa. Absolutely incredible. Siiiigh. This collection was dreamy.

Michael Kors. HATE. Why is he designing a Snuggie, for God's sake? The entire show was one boring, ugly monochromatic look after another. Ick. I was very disappointed.

Michael Kors. I picked this not for the outfit, which is blah, but because that model, whoever she is, had that same dumb expression on her face every time she went down the runway and it really made me laugh.

Michael Kors. This was the only piece I liked of the entire collection. And even then, I don't like the neckline.

Monique Lhuillier. This dress is lovely! Parisienne Goth. <3

Mo Nique Lhuillier, Mo Parisienne Goth.

Monique Lhuillier. Words can't describe how much I love this dress. The entire collection was stunning.

Monique Lhuillier. So beautiful! I really don't have anything more to say.

Monique Lhuillier. I think this is Oscars-worthy.

Monique Lhuillier. This is one of the most dramatically romantic dresses I've ever seen. This might be my favorite dress out of all of Fashion Week. Might.

Monique Lhuillier. This collection just blew my mind. Every piece was truly a work of art. Love.

Naeem Khan. He had some stunning dresses as well, as you shall see. I really like this one.

Naeem Khan. LOVE!! The way the colors are, the way it moves down the runway- exquisite.

Naeem Khan. I love the sparkle in this dress. The pallor of the model's skin, however, looks really unhealthy to me. And those hollow cheeks. Scary.

Oscar de la Renta. He had so many Dr. Zhivago-esque things in this collection! I adored them all. It was hard to pick my favorites. I love this outfit head to toe.

Oscar de la Renta. This is beautiful and unique. I love when designer clothes are functional enough to be worn to the office. Now if we could only talk about those prices...

Oscar de la Renta. Words cannot describe how much I love this suit. Flawlessly styled.

Oscar de la Renta. I adore this dress, just like I adore the entire collection. His was probably my favorite of all of Fashion Week. Top 3 for sure.

Oscar de la Renta. Minus the jacket and hat, this might be the chicest office outfit I could imagine.

Oscar de la Renta. I LOVE this dress! It also screams, "High Society!" at me. She's a lovely girl, but may I point out it's that same model with the stupid quizzical look on her face?

Oscar de la Renta. I gasped when I saw this. One of the most breathtaking things I saw this week. Kudos.

Oscar de la Renta. The way this is styled, it reminds me of a variation of something the White Witch would wear. Beautiful.

The White Witch. See?

Oscar de la Renta. Another Oscar-worthy dress. Obsessed!

Ralph Lauren. You know how I feel about velvet and all-around luxe-ness.

Ralph Lauren. This was also a great collection. I love this dress. Stunning and simple.

Ralph Lauren. This styling is too menswear for me (because it basically is menswear); I would've preferred to see the pieces split up. That being said, that jacket is LUXE. Luxe is apparently all I think of when I see burgundy velvets.

Ralph Lauren. Maximum billow.

Ralph Lauren. Harry Potter Chic??? I don't understand this, but I laughed heartily when I saw it. Also, that fitted coat jacket was on another model and was STUNNING. Fit the other model better. Ouch.

Rodarte. I love the taupe-ness of this. It also reminds me of the driving suits ladies used to wear at the turn of the century in open cars so their clothes wouldn't get dirty. Dusters I think they were called? I'm too tired to fact check. Anywho...

Rodarte. A little like a duster (I was right about the word), a little "Sarah, Plain and Tall."

Rodarte. This was another truly great collection. I love the way this dress, in particular, drapes. And the colors are lovely! Top drawer!

Rodarte. Stunning.

Rodarte. Different draping, different color, still gorgeous.

Rodarte. I adore how this collection mixed beautiful, free draping fabric with sharp, structured angles. Just lovely.

Ruffian. Even though this is totally menswear, I love it. The fabrics are feminine and the cut hugs all the right curves. I would never wear it, but that's rarely the point of Fashion Week, is it?

Ruffian. Lace cuffs. need I say more?

Ruffian. Beautiful jacket! Reminds me of Mrs. Lovett. Burtonian again! Muahahaha.

Sophie Theallet. I love color-block and this one is just lovely.

Sophie Theallet. Stunning gown. I love red gowns.

Sophie Theallet. So much drama! I love it. Reminds me of Satine's red dress in "Moulin Rouge." "My little strawberry!"

Sophie Theallet. I love this dress. Great for the office. Marvelous!

The Blonds. This collection wins the award for most theatrical awesomeness! Yay drama! I chose this dress because it has tasseled chopsticks and is still cute. A+

The Blonds. I love the fun colors of this dress.

Vera Wang. I love this because it reminds me of every badass male character in a movie ever. Plus billow. The model looks scary thin though. Eeek.

Vera Wang. This is the only other item I liked in the rest of the collection. I was extremely disappointed in Vera Wang. All the other pieces were this strange sheer fabric in various colors. Not my cup of tea, sadly.

Yigal Azrouel. You know how I love anything schoolmarm! I love that this is white with black accents. Beautiful!

Yigal Azrouel. I really liked this collection, this piece is great. It's menswear done right. Also, is it just me, or does this model REALLY look like Justin Timberlake??

Whoosh! I think I’m finally done. Thanks for sticking with me and my nescient opinions! Sorry I couldn’t put all my favorites and also sorry I tended to be a little harsh toward the models. Most of them were absolutely beautiful, if a bit too thin and boob-less for my taste.

I shake my little tush on the catwalk,


6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Fashion Week February 2011

  1. Megan

    Haha, had to keep tabs on my comments in Notepad after a minute because OMG SO MUCH GORGEOUS.

    The Anna Sui collection is amazing, simply divine. I really want to hit up a couple thrift stores and F21 or something and see if I can find a couple pieces to create an inspired look or something. Beautiful!

    The Chris Benz collection too. I love the second one – a modern Great Gatsby.

    Professionally, I’m really into the Elie Tahari collection. I hope I end up in an office where that is perfectly accepteble to wear in.

    I will have to look into the rest of the Jeremy Scott collection. LOVE it! And the makeup is beautiful. The Libertine collection is also really fun.

    If I ever create the sci-fi show of my dreams, Marchesa will be the costume designer. And speaking of sci-fi, the Michael Kors collection looks like one of Padme Amidala’s refugee outfits from the new Star Wars.

    Also – cannot express how beautiful the Monique Lhuillier is. The fourth one – I could just stare at it forever!


    The Rodarte collection was the only show I actively watched over the week. And it is absolutely stunning . I agree.

    The two Vera Wangs that you pulled out are also gorgeous, though I’m disappointed to hear that the rest of the collection wasn’t as nice. :/


    1. kaitlinwehlmann

      The Vera Wang collection just felt like she bought bolts and bolts of fabric, dyed some of it and draped it differently on models. It was really strange. Not all together ugly, but just really repetitive and uninspired, I felt. Thank you for reading and commenting!


  2. Amber K.

    “I shake my little tush on the catwalk” sign off = lolz

    The Carolina Herrera dresses = swoon

    The Mizrahi poms were too hard to get over. Can’t even see the fashion, I’m too distracted.

    Michael Kors = huge gross disappointment, I’m with you. Heidi: “You are ouwt.”

    OMG I die over the beautiful thick black tied ribbon at the waist and ballet tied heels: http://kaitlinwehlmann.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/monique-lhuillier-4.jpg <3

    Harry Potter chic Ralph Lauren = incredibly stupid fashion fail but a fun party outfit for a brave creative soul, hehe


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