I’m sorry my posting schedule has been so sporadic. If it’s any consolation, it’s been one of the most steady things in my life, which is simultaneously alarming in consideration of the general state of my life and exciting because it means I’m, like, totally into you, babe. And when I’m into you, I’m committed. Unless I discover through various situations that you’re a self-absorbed, conceited, and rude person who has lured me into your web under false pretenses and because I’m awesome. Then I’m going to tap the eff out. But, um, luckily for all of us I was just trying to draw symbolic parallels to relationships. I’m pretty sure this blog will never take on selfish characteristics; seeing how it’s inanimate and I have complete control over it and all.

If I was a cop-based television show, this is when my partner would step in and say, “Excuse my partner. She’s had a rough time of it lately. So tell us, Mr. Friedloch, IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME, why is mustard so delicious?” And I know what you’re thinking. Yes, my partner’s methods are a little unorthodox, but Jenkins is a good cop. His instincts are spot on and he’d take a bullet for me or for the badge anytime. I also know what you’re thinking: That if this is all inside of me, doesn’t that kind of make me schizophrenic or some other kind of crazy? And usually I would agree with you, but in this case I’m like 99% sure I’ve just been watching too many cop shows.

This is what my brain has become. Unmanageable. A lot of fun and full of surprises. But unmanageable. I’m living in this weird, paradoxical world where I’m almost always sleep deprived and yet bursting with energy. Take last night, for example. I fell asleep around midnight, but some noise or stupid person woke me up. Then, having had a nice fifteen minute nap, I was AWAKE.  And I stayed AWAKE until a little after 4 a.m. when I had to employ every relaxation technique I know (which is like… 2) to practically force myself to fall back asleep.

So then, even though my alarm was set for 10:00, I rolled out of bed at a little before noon. Which is fine since I don’t have class until 2, but it’s also propelling this vicious cycle. So that all goes to say I’m sorry for the general randomness and poor quality contained in the blog recently. Which is stupid to say, since this is its third week, and maybe that means it’s always going to be random and of poor quality. Which is sad. Mostly for you. I’m kind of okay with it.

So I’ll see you guys tomorrow, if you decide to come back. Also, this is the first image you get when you Google image search “Poetry.”

What, you were expecting something funny?

Yours indefinitely,


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