Hello, everyone! I hope your weekend was marvelous and that whatever emotion you had invested in the Super Bowl did not result in disappointment. Sunday was a little strange for me. Mostly because I had no Super Bowl party to go to and I don’t really like football. So I did what any girly girl would do; Makeup. I put “Cosmic Love” by Florence + The Machine on repeat and let the song take my imagination where it wanted to go.

The look was crazy, but I liked it. I would never wear it in public, but that’s not what I was going for. Imagine my anger when the makeup and my face ended up looking awful in all the photos I took. We’re talking the most unphotogenic thing I’ve ever seen. Allow me to demonstrate:


Oh, honey, no.

I come by that vacant stare honestly.

This was probably the best shot of 30. Isn't that frightening?

So I decided that if I was going to be ugly, antisocial and uninvited to Super Bowl parties, I was going to be extremely ugly, extremely anti social and banned from Super Bowl parties. I went rogue.

Thanks for having me, Doris. I brought the brains!

I like the way your twisted little mind works.

If it was October, I wouldn't be losing readers.

Then I decided to just kill myself.

Yes, I did just add another layer of makeup. How do you think I got corpse skin?

Don’t you think I kinda look like Mischa Barton in The Sixth Sense?

I bet we'll hang out in the after life.

I also accidentally murdered Keira Knightley.

Something started coming over me. I felt a certain oneness with the camera in accepting my death. With this newfound something inside of me, I decided to glam up my deadface into the Grim Reaper. Of sorts.

A fine time to model, I'm sure.

All the reapers rock the smoky liner.

If you made it to this picture, you get a prize.

So that was how I spent my evening. I have to say, I’m nowhere near as ashamed as I should be. Maybe I’ll rock one of these looks come Halloween. Or maybe I’ll wear one to class and then I’ll totally get a boyfriend. Or maybe not.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?



2 thoughts on “Makeup Monday: Where I Lose All my Readers

  1. Amber K.


    (That’s a lot of makeup. Hopefully it didn’t take forever to remove. And please tell me you removed it before bed, for your pores’ sake, hehe.)


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