I threatened to do it. I threatened and was met with surprisingly little resistance. Therefore today our Fashion Friday is centered on New York & Co. (Sidenote: I have a really annoying and bad habit of repeating what is clearly stated in the title.)

Earlier this week, I was pouring a glass of milk when I found a 30% off coupon for NY&C staring me in the face. It expired on February 7th. I like to think it was the hand of God, reaching down, directing my eyes to the coupon. If you know me at all, you know I hang all my coupons on my fridge, and there they expire. I forget about them and end up paying full market price for all of my wants and needs. But not this time. Imagine my joy when the coupon wasn’t expired, when it applied to the online store, and when I found the online store was already having a huge sale! The hand of God, I tell ya.

Here’s what I bought:

1) The NY&C Red Label Lace-Front Cardigan in Linen Paradise.

It's a little bit modern, a little bit Victorian and a whole lotta pretty.

The next two items were inspired by this look:

2) The Streetwear Drop-Needle Slouch Neck Sweater in Grey Idea.

I would like to be hired by NY&C to name their products. Ick.

3) Streetwear Stardust Tank in Silver Swirl.

Obsessed with this. OBSESSED.

4) The Matte Croc Patterned Ruffle Satchel in Really Coral.

Hellooooo my beautiful new Summer Satchel!

5) The Matte Croc Patterned Ruffle Wristlet in Really Coral. Caveat: I have thrice justified this. 1) It was on sale for $10. 2) I’ve been searching for a cute wristlet for ages. 3) I’m a sucker for matchy-matchy things!

6) The Multi Bead Single Strand Necklace in Dark Pink. (I got it on sale for $2.99!!!! Seriously!!!)

And now I’ll add a few items I didn’t buy to round out the list of NY&C items I love.

7)  The Sheer Floral Scarf in Cerise.

Be still, my heart!

8) The Flower Appliqué Cardigan in Admirable Rose.

The phrase "Admirable Rose" makes me think of Titanic.

9) Embellished Shoulder Stripe Tee in Black.

I HATE the necklace they've paired with it, but this tee fits all my requirements for girly fun.

10) The Washed Indigo Belted Shirtdress in, you guessed it, Indigo.

For some reason, the word indigo made me think of the Wendigo, that creepy Native American legend. Eeeeee.

11) The Fabric Flower and Beads Necklace in Medium Brown.

I adore this so much it hurts. I feel the need to moisturize my neck to get it to the necessary pristine neck conditions required to wear this beauty.

12) The Faux Leather Spring Flowers Wristlet in Gunmetal.

This was a strong contender until I found the Matchy-Matchy wristlet. This is still on sale! Go! Go!

13) The Fabulous Enamel Flower Belt in Admirable Rose.

I'll never let go, Jack.

14) The Glass Stones Embellished Bow Flats in Chambray.

Want. Now.

15) The Floral Print Chelsea Cardigan in Coral Clusters.

Who wears cardigans buttoned up like that? Clearly not me, but seriously. Who?

Reviewing everything, I have to laugh at the predictablity and oddly thematic repetition of my choices. Notice any trends? How about:

1. Corals
2. Greys
3. Florals and floral accents
4. Jewelled embellishments

Eh, what can I say? I like what I like! One last note on New York & Co- I submitted my order, blinked, and my Blackberry buzzed with an email saying my order had been processed. It was so near to instantaneous it scared me. The next day, I received an email my order had shipped. They are speedy. Y’all have a great weekend but check back tomorrow for the first Bonus Blog! Hint: it’s a cookie recipe.

Corally yours,


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  1. Maquita

    Have I mentioned lately that everything you write puts a smile on my face except the things that make me want to hug you until my shoulders pop in an attempt to wrap you head to toe in my love? Just thought I’d mention in case I hadn’t.


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