I hope you read that title in the proper accent. Because I wrote it in the proper accent, ergo, if anything was mispronounced, the problem lies with you, dear friend. I’m sorry the blog this week has been less than stellar. I’ve been under the weather. Literally and figuratively, as I’ve been sick AND nearly blown to Timbuktu in the Northerner’s winds. I figure it’s fine since few people read… wait. That’s kind of a lie. I’m actually getting some traffic. At this point it’s in direct correlation to when I post entry links to Facebook, but a hit is a hit is a hit is a hit. Just ask ABBA.

Does that mean I actually have to start writing quality content? That scares me. Almost as much as the fact that it’s 11:51 at night and I’m really jonesing for shrimp cocktail. Om nom nom. What’s wrong with me? I can’t publish “Om nom nom” and be taken seriously as a writer! Good grief. In seeking to apologize, I’ve dug myself deeper into the hole, haven’t I?

I solemnly swear that I will begin posting quality content apart from Makeup Monday and Fashion Friday. Those have my permission to stay frivolous. To illustrate to you how serious I am, please take these photos as a visual indication of the quality to which my blog is soon to adhere:

I promise all the time-honored tradition of a British tea.

I promise the ethereal beauty of Galadriel, as portrayed by Cate Blanchett.

I promise the tongue-in-cheek attempt to add pomp by ripping off classic works, a la Masterpiece Theatre.

I promise "That's What She Said!" jokes; both said and unsaid.

I promise to be Emma Watson in a forest of light, wearing a fur coat while being stalked by the smoky shadow horseman.

I promise to always be in good taste.

I promise to be whatever you think think is.

I promise to always raise my sword...

... For Aragorn...

... For Gryffindor...

... For Xena...


... and FOR ASLAN!!!!!!

You have my axe and my sword,


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