As I sit here, watching the Kardashians and wondering what circumstances in my life brought me to this place, I find myself missing the good old days of television programming. I’m talking Friends, Seinfeld, Xena. The Cosby Show! The Golden Girls!  That probably gave you far too much insight to my scary, slightly mature slightly childish psyche, but those are my favorite shows.

I am cursed. Any show that I love inevitably gets cancelled before its time. I swear. It would be better for fans everywhere if I didn’t watch and love television. These gems, sullied by the mark of my love include Arrested Development, Moonlight, Medium, and Pushing Daisies.

Ohhhh, Pushing Daisies. Killed before your time and not even Ned could bring you back. Such great acting, such great writing, such a beautiful, whimsical world! So why did it get the axe? I’ve head rumors. Some blame the high budget.  Some blame the writers’ strike. Others claim Lee Pace is too adorable for television. The world may never know.

What I do know is that I’m going to re-watch the show on Netflix as I fall asleep tonight. In closing, Dexter better watch out, because I really love that show…

Hopelessly Devoted to Daisies,


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