Hello, fine people. I hope your weekend was grand. Mine was spent writing on my laptop, just like now. Some things will never change. Except that by the end of the semester I’ll probably have carpel tunnel. But that’s just something I’ll have to deal with.

I am often inspired by makeup I find in magazines. I was extremely inspired by the January 2011 Glamour and their beautiful cover girl, Reese Witherspoon. (Read the interview Here.)


Divine! And that dress? To die for.



The basis of the look is those orange-y red lips and a mid-tone brown smokey eye with a twist on the shape of the wing. Love. I’ll definitely be re-creating this week. Here are some more pictures:


Love that jacket, too!

Sultry Tinkerbell?

Let's ignore her stellar legs and concentrate on the makeup, yes?

Hot! Love this entire spread.


I love the use of bronzer to contour here, too, without adding a dominant blush. So chic. I couldn’t find the artist info for this look, but Kudos anonymous makeup artist! I guess you got to where you are by doing looks like this, but I applaud you nevertheless.

Seein’ Red,


3 thoughts on “Makeup Monday: Reese Witherspoon in Glamour

  1. Ella

    So, umm, next time you are visiting your family in Katy could I hire you to come do my makeup before a photoshoot for my blog with Rob? Do you do that kind of thing? Because if you do, then Rob could link your services on his photography website… :)


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