If you thought I’d leave you hanging/ if you think I have enough original material/ if you didn’t read it on Facebook, here is the poem I wrote on Saturday, and of which I spoke yesterday:

“Repressed Duality”

You’re a poison,
You’re a monster,
You’re a consuming
Fire of Rage.

You’re pedantic,
The only one
Narcissus could envy.

You see no world
Beyond yourself,
The vile, forgotten dregs
Of Ageless Hope’s departure

You’re unworthy of my time,
Undeserving of my sympathy,
But I can’t help my war-torn self,
Because you are a part of me.

I’m not saying it’s any better than my 13 year old self’s musings and tearfully-penned songs of longing, but at least I have a better grasp on grammar.

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